The Pixie Kitchen


The Pixie Kitchen - This restaurant was a MUST for family dining when visiting the Oregon Coast. Located in the once “small” beach town of Lincoln City, Oregon - it was definitely a destination point. A truly wonderful experience for children from the fun house mirrors at the entrance, to the picture box tables, to the gift shop, to the pixie filled grotto full of mechanical pixies. I just don’t remember if the food was any good, but as a kid it didn’t seem to matter!

This site is in memory of The Pixie Kitchen and the short lived Pixieland theme park we all enjoyed so much as kids of the 70’s and very early 80’s. We spent years visiting Lincoln City form Portland, camping at KOA, The Sea Gypsy Hotel and eventually the campground at Pixieland. Who knows, someday we may open up the Kitchen again!

The restaurant opened in 1953 and changed hands many times over the years and eventually closed in 1985.

Heavenly Food on the Oregon Coast